Thursday, June 11, 2009

10-Day Crash Course in Living Alone

I've learned a lot during the past ten and a half days with Brian out of town. Some of it is very useful, and some of it is just depressing. Some of it is downright enlightening. In bullet form, here you go:

I can finally sleep with the TV off. I started this bad habit ofsleeping with it on when I was single, and I usually leave it on when I'm alone, but managed to do without it most of this week.

Brian creates most of the trash in our house.

I don't cook when Brian isn't here to eat. Maybe that explains the reduction in trash, now that I think about it.

All that mess in the bathroom sink? Not just Brian. When did I forget how to rinse the toothpaste out of the sink?

You never outgrow that childhood tendency to hear spooky noises when when you're home alone. Apparently I am still 11 years old.

Our cats love Brian way more than they love me.

My daycare kids love Brian way more than they love me, too.

The mess in the office? Totally all Brian's.

I can no longer drink a whole soda in a timely fashion. But I tried. A lot. Somebody pass the water, please.

Brian generates 75% of the laundry in this house. I've gone from 8-9 loads per week to 2....

I seriously hate cleaning out the litter boxes, and never want to do it again.

My mama is really good at picking injured people up from the Super-Mega Buy In Bulk Store, taking them to the ER, settling them in at home, and catering to their every Darvocet whim. She rocks.

So does my Daddy, for the record.

When left alone with 3 two year olds and no adult supervision, I will eventually begin talking the ear off of anyone older than 10 who will listen. This is probably annoying.

It's been a loooooong ten and a half days, folks. But my Pepsi Throwback Advent Husband Calender is starting to look promising. Here is what it looked like last night when I got my second to last (penultimate, if you will) soda for dinner.

Only one is sitting on the counter now, ready for lunch. Brian called earlier and is about eight hours away. I am so excited I can't hardly stand it, so I'm off to finish cleaning the house in preparation for the weekend. Have a great Thursday!


Justme said...

So I just saw your Monday blog and yes, you and I are quite the pair. I finally hired someone to clean the gutters since I figured hanging onto the house for dear life 3 storys up with a ladder on the second level deck is not so smart.
Glad B is coming home. I owe you a phone call too. Miss you.
PS-remember when I broke my ankle trying to use the bathroom? Walk it off :)

Andrea said...

We are, aren't we? Trust me, I'm walking it off. Probably walking it right off into some manner of physical therapy, actually. Walked it off at Target last night, and am paying the consequences today. Ouch. We just got around to wondering if we even *have* gutters, so props for being so up on the home maintenance ;)