Friday, June 12, 2009

Thank God....It's Friday!!

Yep, it's Friday! So....

Thank God....It's Friday!!!


Brian had a safe trip home, and is off all weekend. Yay!

Brian's Parents will be here this weekend. We only see them about 5 times a year, so this is a special occasion.

My ankle is healing nicely, and has really impressive bruises to show off.

Sweet Lizzy's newest little niece was born last week!


Please keep the following people in your prayers: Uncle Carroll, MadHat76's husband, Sealgair's Uncle Gary, Cozie's Aunt Elva, JustMe's family friend, and Uncle Billy. If you are any of these people or if you know them, please post updates in the comments.
**UPDATE: MadHat's husband is in Baltimore today meeting with specialists regarding his foot. Extra prayers would be apprectiated, I think!**

**Further UPDATE: Please pray very hard for sweet baby Annette. She is battling cancer with all she's worth, and has a fever and possible infection. Go show her family some love, while you're at it!

Safe travel for Brian's Parents.

Safe travel for Little Bro and Sweet Lizzy, who are in the City of Brotherly Love for a bit.

Wow, that's a short one today, isn't it? Send me your praises so the list will grow! Have a great Friday!

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