Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Soda Advent Husband Calendar

On Saturday, our community had a yard sale.  Ever looking for alternate streams of income, Brian and I set out our useless junk Priceless Treasures for the consuming masses. Ever inventive in our search for alternate streams of income, we also bought a ton of soft drinks that we put on ice and sold for 75 cents each.  We have a few (thousand cases of) sodas left over.  Luckily, Brian resists my efforts to make him give up caffeine and canned beverages full of sugar and will have these few remnants consumed in no time.  Not to mention that the bulk of the soda is Pepsi Throwback, his soda du jour.  

As we were cleaning up Sunday night, there were a few sodas left in the bucket, swimming in water.  I dried them off and we took them inside.  Since our fridge is full of Pepsi Throwback and my single-person, I'm-not-cooking-just-for-myself-but-still-need-to-be-low-carb food for this week, these sodas (Cokes, if you're from the South....) ended up on the kitchen counter.  Monday, after Brian left, I realized that there are eleven sodas on our counter.  Exactly the number of days (including the two half-days of travel) that Brian will be gone to North Carolina.  I try not to drink soda very often, and since I found a decent source for sparkling water (which I LURVE) this past weekend I'll be drinking even less.  But I've realized that if I drink one each day, I have a tangible countdown until Brian comes home.  It's an advent calendar of sorts, I guess.  Except one made of Pepsi Throwback, and Grape and Orange Crushes.  

Do you think if I drink two each day he'll come home faster?

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