Friday, April 17, 2009

Thank God...It's Friday

You may not know this, but I read a lot of blogs.  No, seriously, a LOT of blogs.  For some reason, I have to go to the very beginning and read through all the archives until I'm caught up, then I'll usually check them daily.  You can get an idea of what I've been reading by checking out the list on my right sidebar, if you're interested.  It's amazing the stories you can find and the people to whom you can grow attached just through their stories and pictures.  Sometimes there's a happy ending, or you find a family that you can learn from, and other times the story is desperately sad and makes you thankful for your easy life.  As I've been bouncing from blog to blog, I've seen some standard things, and probably you have, too.  Things like Wordless Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, and one I'm thinking about joining called Not Me Monday.  I always tend to forget to be wordless on Wednesday, and while I am definitely thankful on Thursday, I tend to forget to post about it.  So, in hopes that having my own idea for such a thing can make me responsible (ha!), I give you....

Thank God....It's Friday!

I know, you're thinking TGIF just like I am.  No matter how much you love your job, we all thank God it's Friday, right?  Weekends are the best part of working, honestly.  But that's not what I mean...I mean truly Thank God.  It's Friday.  I'd like this to be an opportunity for me (and my readers -- you're not getting off the hook) to share prayer requests and praises, to come to God with thanksgiving and our deepest needs.  All of us praying is much more effective than just lil' ole me.

Disclaimer: Please don't run off if you're not Christian -- pray to your god as you see fit.  Or if you don't have a personal belief, take some time to offer a kind thought, good vibes, whatever for the things we all share.  I make no secret of the fact that I'm a Chrisitian, but I try to respect the faith or lack thereof of most people.  What's completely, totally, undoubtably right for me may not be your cup of tea.  Whatever, join in.

So, here's what we'll do.  I'll let you know what we're praying for around here, and things we're thanking the Lord for today.  And you can leave your prayer requests and praises in the comments you leave.  While we're at it, let's talk about comments. 50 Baileys Points to Just Me for commenting so very faithfully, and letting me know that she's checking in on my life.  10 Points if you've ever commented before. Of course, Baileys Points get you absolutely....nothing.  Except my love and respect, of course!  But according to my Live Traffic Feed and Google Analytics, there are a lot more of you lurking here on a daily basis.  Don't feel bad -- I'm a lurker at heart, too.  But please feel safe to come out and comment, especially on Thank God...It's Friday.  De-lurk!!

The weather has finally turned nice again!
Brian seems to be feeling much, much better.  He has less migraines and dizzy spell these days.
I finally have kicked whatever was ailing me to the curb, and hopefully will be getting a lot more done around here.

My uncle, Carroll, has pancreatic cancer.  He's finished his chemo and radiation, and is hoping for a good report.  He's fighting, and we're praying.

My 'nother uncle, Billy, has pancreatis.  I'm not sure what it is with pancreases lately!  He's been in the hospital for several weeks following a knee replacement because he developed several blood clots in his lungs and then the pancreatic trouble.  He may be transferring to a different hospital Monday for surgery, so please keep him in your prayers.  He's understandably down about his situation, and needs just as much emotional uplifting as physical.  

While visiting CF Husband's blog, I was "introduced" to MckMama and her Many Small Children, who are truly charming.  Seriously, I wish I lived closer to this family so I could do everything in my little power to cultivate a friendship with them in real life.  I think maybe we were separated at birth, MckMama and me....  Now, her youngest son Stellan is in the hospital battling a terrifying heart problem.  The Lord healed him while he was still in the womb, and now so many people are praying that He'll do it again.  Yesterday Stellan and his MckMama flew to Boston to prepare for surgery.  He's so very young, but has been through so much.  Meanwhile, he keeps smiling and his mama keeps inspiring everyone who reads her blog.  I can only imagine how many people this family has touched.  Please keep Stellan in your prayers anytime you think of him today!

Another sweet baby that I pray for on a regular basis is Kayleigh, who has lived in the NICU for over 9 months now.  She was only a pound when she was born, and is truly full of spirit!  She had a huge surgery yesterday and needs prayers for a full recovery.  The past 9 months have been incredably hard on her parents and siblings, and they have managed to keep smiling through it all.  Please pray for them, too!

As I mentioned before, please be in prayer for Annette as she battles cancer.  She is undergoing treatment right now, and I'm sure her family would appreciate your prayers.  Check out this post if you need a refresher on the Maxey Family Letter Project, but please keep it under your hat!

Now, please pray for these folks, and don't forget to lift your own praises to the Lord as well.  I'm sure He doesn't mind hearing our wants, needs, desires, crazy ideas....but don't you think He'd like to hear a thank you every now and then?  I know I would.  So go give thanks!  And post your praises and requests in the comments.  Knowing most of the people who lurk here, your needs will be lifted up and you'll be in everyone's thoughts all day.  Happy Friday!

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Justme said...

WAHOO!! 50 Points! YEa Baby! :) Hey, it's sad but how else am I'm gonna keep up with everyone if not for the interweb ;)
I would like to add a prayer request for myself...let's just say I find myself getting very territorial over some stuff, and it's not becoming. It doesn't help that so much is changing. Sheesh can I be more cryptic?:)
hugs and such!

PS-ususally when it says "Atlanta" it's me, or last week I was "Chicago" :)