Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Power of Prayer

Around here, we strongly believe in the power of prayer.  We've seen not one but several friends and family members cured of cancer after intense prayers were offered on their behalf.  We've been spared from certain heartache by seeking the will of the Lord, and we know that our hope for a child is really a prayer that we offer day in and day out.  I credit my own existence not to drugs and doctors, but to my parents' determination and certain prayer.  We've seen friends and family members brought to the Lord because of the prayers of their family, trials overcome, and medical situations resolved positively.  We pray.  A lot.  

While working on the Baileys Basics shop promotional stuff, I stumbled upon a site dedicated to helping a family deal with the diagnosis of a  second (seriously -- a second) child with cancer.  It's a project, really - one that offers letters of support and prayer to a family reeling from the prospect of losing a second child.  The project is a secret, so don't spill the beans.  But please, please, take a few minutes out of your crazy busy, hectic but healthy day and hit your knees for this family. Write them a letter, build their hope.  You'll find the button for this project on the right side of my blog for as long as the project is in process.  Build Hope, and offer this family your support and prayers!

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