Friday, April 17, 2009

Replies to Comments

Yay! People actually commented! Okay, so it's the same two loyal lovelies (read: two of my oldest and dearest friends) that usually comment, but I feel loved now.

So, add Justme to your prayer list that she may be a little less territorial. Hang on while I speak directly to her using the forum of my very own blog: Why are you listed in Atlanta? Is your tech-savvy hubby bouncing your IP from somewhere else like mine does occasionally? I knew Chicago was you, but thought that Atlanta was probably your mom.

She didn't mention it, but add the very cool MadHat76 to your prayer list as she's feeling all cruddy since her Monday.

Want to have a laugh at my expense? Tonight I was working on sewing a book cover. Specifically a Bible cover since my favorite Bible is seriously RED and stands out like a sore thumb at church. If the prototypes go well, I'll eventually offer them in the shop. Unfortunately, I was doing up the pattern in my head, and mis-measured/mis-added/mis-cut/whatever. It's a half inch too short now. Two lovely pieces of fabric used (did I mention it's reversable!?) and an hour and a half shot. Maybe it'll work for a smaller book, but I was crushed. Then I discovered that of the three things I could possibly fix for dinner tonight, I had only half the ingredients for any of them. I was missing an ingredient or two for each one. But I pulled it out of nowhere, if I do say so myself, and redeemed myself with awesome pork chops. Now we're off to pick up Brian's car from the shop. Someday I'll tell you the story of why it was there.....

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Justme said...

No, I think I'm in Atlanta b/c it's my work computer (my mom doesn't even read my own blog). We have an office there...but who knows. At home it reads Alexandria. Go figure :)