Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Post De-Railed

Like everyone else in the known universe today I planned to blog about Earth Day.  You know, what we' ve been doing around here to be more green and eco-friendly, what you can do at your house, how swell we all are for recycling.  Then a whole lot of stuff intervened, and it's just cemented my opinion that there are more important things to blog about.  Sure, I'm all about being green.  Brian and I are conservation-minded people by our very nature.  We believe in protecting the environment, wildlife, and our resources.  We believe in alternate energy sources and sustainable living.  We're big fans of buying local and organic, and using reuseable items instead of disposibles any time it's possible. That's just who we are, and if you've been in our house for more than 10 minutes you've seen that in action.  No big shocker there that we'll keep reducing, reusing, and recycling until we shuffle off this mortal coil.  It's not for funnsies, and it's not for trendiness -- it's our God-given responsibility as stewards of this earth.  We were given protection of it and dominion over it; therefore we must care for it as a gift from God and not waste it.  There ya go, my thoughts for Earth Day.  Around here, it's no different than the other 364 days of the year, and I hope that you'll be willing to make each day around your place an eco-friendly one, too.  

So what derailed me and is far, far, FAR more important?  Kayleigh.  Kayleigh Anne Freeman, to be exact.  I've been following Kayleigh's story for a while now, and have mentioned it to you already.  Yesterday, as a matter of fact.  You may remember that she underwent major surgery last week, and has been recovering nicely.  As of about two days ago, the doctors were going to wean her off of her sedation and allow her to slowly wake up.  

Today when I checked my blog reader, I was devastated to learn that Kayleigh may have suffered a stroke, and may be brain dead.  I am completely stunned, and I cannot even imagine how her parents are feeling.  From reading their blog for a while, I'm confident that they will not consider this an automatic death sentence for Kayleigh, and will be praying for God to touch her with a miracle yet.  But, this has to be a blow to them as they may have to face losing Kayleigh soon.  This family has been through pure hell the past 10 months, and have suffered financial ruin as a result of medical costs.  Through it all they have been positive, uplifting, and faithful.  Please do them the favor of praying for them and for Kayleigh whenever you can today.  Pray for wisdom and guidance for doctors, and for comfort for her parents.  But most of all, just please pray unceasingly for Kayleigh.

Meanwhile, the most recent update from MckMama is that Stellan is doing well and was waking up yesterday afternoon.  If you'd like to follow her updates for yourself, please click here.  From the account of his surgery, I'd say a ton of prayers were offered on his behalf yesterday, and the job's not done yet.  So keep going.

On a personal note, one of my aunts is in the hospital at UVA.  She is having trouble breathing, and from what I hear her lungs are filled with fluid.  This is a sister to the uncle who is also in the hospital with pancreaitis, and they are my dad's siblings.  Please keep them in your prayers.

Now, lunch is done and the blog is updated.  So I should go clean a bathroom....  Or fix dinner..... Or just enjoy nap time peace and quiet!!

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