Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Night Prayer Request

Mama called me earlier tonight to let me know that my Uncle Roy was being transported to UVA. Earlier today Mama received a call saying that Uncle Roy was missing and his family was looking for him. He was supposed to pick up his great-granddaughter from school, and never showed up. After frantically searching for him and contacting the local hospital several times, the family finally found him in the ER. He was in a very bad car wreck on the way to the school. The med-flight from our local hospital came to the scene to take both Uncle Roy and the other driver to UVA, but Uncle Roy refused to go. After being taken to the ER, he was transported tonight to UVA by ambulance. From what I understand, he has bleeding in his brain and is in very critical condition. Please keep Uncle Roy, his family, and the doctors and nurses who are working on him in your prayers. Uncle Roy's wife is my Aunt Margie, who you may remember has been very ill as well. This family has been through a lot lately and would appreciate it if you would keep them lifted up. Thank you!


Samantha said...

Will do. Keep us updated.

MadHat76 said...

I saw the picture of the cars in the paper today :( Keeping everyone in my prayers. Please pray for my sanity as well, since I will be playing chauffeur for Grandpa next week (and he wields one mean cane! eek!)

Andrea said...

The scary thing? My cousin says the picture doesn't do it justice :( She said she's amazed that either of them lived. The paper has pretty much all the details wrong, too (imagine that!). Both of them have life-threatening injuries and as far as we know Uncle Roy was travelling northbound, not south. Not sure who was taking notes on that one, but.... Uncle Roy's car is the one in the back of that pic, and I'm pretty sure that's him on the stretcher. The other guy was flown out from the scene. So scary :(