Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thank God...It's Friday! The Saturday Edition

Yeah, yeah, so I didn't get this put up on Friday. With the week I've had, it's a miracle I even have the presence of mind to type. So here you have it....

This week I am literally thanking God that I made it through. It's been a long one and all my kids were nutty this week. I'm actually looking forward to trying to Spring clean this weekend....

Uncle Roy is conscious and seems to be improving. He has two places bleeding in his brain, but the scans from this afternoon were improved over the ones from 4 AM. He also has a broken shoulder bone. He has no memory of the accident. The other driver has internal bleeding and is currently on a ventilator. So in the midst of praise, prayers are still needed.

A couple from our new church is currently in the process of adopting their son from Russia. They are waiting on his visa to be approved and hope to travel to Russia in about four weeks to pick him up and have their Russian court date. Unfortunately, today the Russian government starting making threats to freeze all US adoptions. While they are justified in their reaction to a horrible incident, making thousands of new adoptive parents suffer is not the answer. Please be in prayer for our new friends and their son, as well as anyone affected by this.

A friend's wife should be having their baby soon (update us, you know who you are....). Please lift them up in prayer as they grow their family.

Several friends are looking for work or are facing unemployment.

Please keep MadHat76's grandfather in your prayers as he undergoes treatment for cancer.

YaYaPrincess' pooch has been sick. God loves dogs, too, you know.

Two of the families whose blogs I follow are observing the one year anniversary of their children's deaths this week. I cannot even imagine how hard this would be. Please keep them in your prayers.

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