Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Trying To Be A Good Blogger

See how I'm trying to be such a good blogger? I know that I love it when I open up my Google Reader (courtesy of Viigo on my BlackBerry, if you want to get technical) and have at least a snippet from one of the blogs I follow. Whether it's adorable photos from CFHusband or MckMama, things that make me think from CJane, inspired bits of beauty from Nie, family pictures from The Johnson Family, or yummy recipes from Homemaking Homesteader, I love having new things to read as I start my day. When I finally get face time with my computer, I love reading whatever MamaSpohr has written, and to see Holly's Animated Life. When it's a slow blog day, I feel a little less inspired, a little less put-together. When I don't hear something from MadHat76 or YaYaPrincess, or The Gorby Family for a few days, weeks, or months, I worry. What's up in their lives? Are they okay? You may remember a while back (a long, long while) I mentioned a similar issue when one of my favorite bloggers when silent for months. I just found her blog again last night, and have some catching up to do. She's back, and I am out of touch with her life now! So, in interest of not leaving you in such a manner, I'm trying to be a good blogger. I find that I don't necessarily need brilliance from any of the blogs I read. Just a little glimpse into the lives of others. MamaSpohr wrote a post comparing her bloggy/Twittering/facebook friends to the friendships she used to have working outside the home. She mentioned that she felt alone when she first started staying at home, and now she feels connected to her "colleagues" online. I'll try to throw you a bone more often to let you know that we're alive, fine, and trucking along. Even if it's mundane and not at all profound. In fact, I can almost promise you it won't be profound....

Case in point: Monday was an incredibly boring day. And yet, not. I only had two kids in care, Brian was home so we got to hang out, I only had one lesson. It was a slow day, and I accomplished next to nothing. But the Christmas tree is down, thanks to Brian's help. And VA came by to hang out for a bit while Brian fixed her Wii remotes. A sweet friend stopped by to bring me goodies for my Lia Sophia party on January 15th (email me if you want to come! I'm serious! I feel bad inviting people to come spend money at my house, but I love when people come!). By the time everyone left and we settled in, it was too late to start dinner. I know, I should have started dinner prep a lot sooner but a nap seemed more important with my free 45 minutes. So we had the three hour 45 minute "what do you want for dinner, I don't care what do you want, I don't care, should we order in or pick up, I don't care what do you feel like, click click click order online I don't want to call click click, what do you want?" conversation what seems to precede any meal around here not made by me. After many, many possibilities got kicked around, we settled on Papa John's, of all things....for wings. What? Wings from a pizza place? Aren't you the girl who espouses eating naturally and avoiding the Standard American Diet? Yep. And I also highly recommend the wings from Papa John's. Followed by whatever that yummy chocolatey dessert thing is. All I know is it involves phyllo dough and chocolate sauce. YUM. All things in moderation, especially moderation!

So, that's my great profound contribution to your Tuesday reading time. Yippee. If you want better, click one of those links in the first paragraph. I highly recommend them all!

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MadHat76 said...

So the Wii remotes are now fixed? Yikes....someone will be calling me wanting to play *sigh* :)