Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday, Take 1

It's officially the first Monday of the year. According to my mama, it's one of the best days to start a diet. The only thing better is that magical occurrence every seven years: a Monday that is also January 1. As for me, I'll just consider this the day to start having something other than cookies for breakfast.

This was an interesting weekend. Friday was a holiday, of course, so I had no children. I also had no ability to move, as I woke up with a sore back. Apparently I either pulled or strained a my sleep. I don't know, don't ask me. All I know is that it hurts to move at all. Getting dressed Friday and Saturday ended in tears, so I just didn't bother yesterday. Today is moderately better, so maybe I'll accomplish something today after all! Saturday was spent hanging out with VA, The Bean, and Mama at what became a three and a half hour lunch. Then off to my cousin's house for Hill Christmas. It had been rescheduled because all the parking was covered in a foot of snow. We had a great time and I discovered that a few strawberry daquaris, while not totally intoxicating me, will dull the pain in a pulled back very nicely. Good to know. There is no photographic evidence of the debauchery. Sunday was spent hanging around the house, watching a lot of TV and sewing. I'll post pictures after I gift the items.

Today it's back to the grindstone, sort of. Only two kiddos in care, and only one lesson tonight. Brian is off and we'll get to spend some time together before he goes back to work tomorrow. Meanwhile, simple things are amusing the heck out of me. Like the fact that Little Miss A's hair is standing completely on end courtesy of all the static in our house. And that Little Mister A has learned how to say "tickletickletickle". Funniest thing ever to come out of a 15 month old's mouth!

Earlier this morning I made a terrifying phone call -- to our reproductive guru. To see what needs to be done to TRY again. Holy cats. This is hopefully going to be our first (hopefully hopefully our only) attempt at IUI. Why on earth was I nervous making that phone call!? I left a message and am waiting for a return call, but it was nerve wracking. I keep expecting them to say "You've been gone eight months! You can't come back here! You're on your own!". I may just die if that's the case! Pray on it, folks.

And now....nap time!! Enjoy your Mondays and stay warm.

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