Friday, September 4, 2009

Thank God....It's Friday!!

Crazy-busy August has given way to a slightly less crazy-busy September, and with it comes my favorite season of the year. I love Fall in such a big, big way. I am in my element in Fall, boy. I know I skipped a TG...IF last week. Too much was going on and I just didn't feel like it. No excuses, just didn't wanna. But here you go.....

Thank God...It's Friday


Thank the good Lord above for three day weekends. Especially when Brian actually gets all three days off as well!!

I turned 32 this past week. I'm thankful for the privilege of doing so.

My parents will have been married for 42 years this coming week. I have it on good authority that they married at 5 and 9 years old.... Thank God for them, the childhood they gave us, and for their example of stick-to-it-iveness and love.

Have I mentioned I'm immensely, amazingly, overwhelmingly thankful for my husband? Just making sure....

The slings I took to OTTB are selling!! Yay for supplemental income and validation!


Mama will be going in for surgery on September 30th to replace both her knees. Though she is quite attached to the pair she has now (hardy har, right?), I'm sure she'll love her new ones even more. I pray she has a good month leading up to the big day and doesn't get too nervous.

Pray for Dr. Peerless, the doctor who will be taking care of Mama, that he'll have wisdom, knowledge, skill, and whatever else it takes to have her dancing again soon.

Please go to Maxey Web and pray for Annette. Her family has taken her home, and hospice has been called. They are so much stronger than I could ever be in the same situation.

Brian's physical therapy seems to be working on his jacked-up rotator cuff. We pray the healing continues!

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MadHat76 said...

Tell your mom and dad happy anniversary for me! That is great that they're celebrating that many years; I know it's been a journey. ~hugs~