Tuesday, August 18, 2009


It has been a nutty, nutty few days. You may have heard that YaYa Princess and I were going to make pajama pants this weekend. You heard wrong. What we actually made was more akin to tents....our pattern was all jacked up and we finally had to just start cutting fabric and making it up as we went along. After four fabrics, tons of elastic, and a useless pattern, we ended up with one pair of pajama pants. And a ton of laughs, so that's something.

This week I have five kids in care officially. Granted, that's technically only four spots, but with picking up extra kids here and there for fill-in and back-up care that puts me back at full time work. Thank goodness!! What that does mean is that I'm run ragged and exhausted. Hence the gasp and yawn.....

Tonight is Brian's sleep study to find out if he has apena. Something is up, we just don't know what it is. Please keep him in your prayers - we need some wisdom.

Off to eat a little lunch. Ya'll have a great day!

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