Friday, May 29, 2009

Thank God....It's Friday!

Hey, look! Another week is gone.  Here you go...
Thank God.....It's Friday!!

I'm personally thanking God in a big, big, big ol' way that I was able to put out the grill fire earlier this week.  Brian was working and I was grilling us up some yummy marinated chicken parts. Thighs and legs, if you need to know; we are not white meat people.  And yes, I know better but the chicken was skin-on.  Which resulted in much grease.  Which resulted in a FIRE.  Not a little one, either.  I'm very impressed that our deck did not go up in smoke. Maybe I should be more specific and thank God that my mama taught me to use baking soda on grease fires.  Cause it worked instantaneously.  

Thank God for Mama, in general.  This past Saturday was her birthday.  She's not all about being reminded of that fact and promised to kill me if I made a huge deal about it, so there was no blog post.  Thank God for all her 29 years!

Thank God we have a plan.  I'll fill you in on it later, I promise.  But I'm thankful for the peace that we both have with it!

Uncle Carroll is struggling.  He was diagnosed with blood clots in his legs earlier this week, and has to be on blood-thinners (courtesy of a shot in the belly from my aunt) and be re-scanned every two days.  Please keep their whole family in your prayers during this difficult time.  

My knee hurts.  A lot.  I hate to complain in light of my mom's own knee problems, but my patella keeps popping out of it's little niche and grinding on the bones of my leg.  Ugh.  Possibly back to the brace and arch supports for a while.  So much fun.

We have a rockin' weekend planned, complete with another yardsale.  What are you thanking the Lord for today?


Anonymous said...

If I could make a prayer request?

My Uncle-by-marriage Gary is in the hospital *again*, this time with pneumonia and possibly hepatitis from a blood transfusion. He *just* got out of the hospital last month, after being there with complications from an infected wound on his foot that wouldn't heal due to his diabetes.

He and my Aunt Anita could use all the prayer they can get. I'm really worried!

Justme said...

ummmmmm I want to know deets on your "plan" please! :)