Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where Did Two Months Go??

I honestly had no idea that it had been this long since I had posted here! It's been a crazy busy few months. We've been busy planning for wedding showers times three, a yard sale, and heading towards summer.

The Bridal Shower Spree started in early May with my SIL's bridal shower in Elizabeth. It was a girly affair, with a bachelorette party that evening. I think SIL had a good time, and I'm sure she'll find some use for five iced tea makers....

The following week was Little Bro and Sweet Lizzy's shower, which was a couple-style shower. They seemed to have a ball, and Sweet Lizzy's Mom was here for the weekend which I think Lizzy liked, too!

This past weekend was the YaYa Princess' shower in Leesburg. It was a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme, so The Bum and I worked hard on appropriate favors. Princess was happy as a clam and got tons of awesome stuff, so that rocked. I'm hoping for a new cake recipe out of it, too, since her friend made the best cake I've had all week.

Brian headed up his first yard sale here on the Square, which went well. Our Hood had their first annual community yard sale the same day as Princess' shower, so I was unavailable to help out. Darn... Luckily, The Bum volunteered her minions as help. Brian, The Cousin, and Godson brought out all the tables, "merchandise", and money and had a very successful morning all in all. We used the money to go out for dinner a few times and to help celebrate Mama's birthday.

Around the old homestead, we've been focusing on eliminating the last chemicals from our home, most processed food from our diets, and putting in a garden. As of right now, the only chemicals in our house are those handy wipes for cleaning, which will be our last ones purchased, and Drano. Because sometimes it's just necessary! Unfortunately, in our efforts to not use bleach, I purchased a bleach alternative that turned out to be hydrogen peroxide. Which I then turned out to be highly allergic to. It basically gives me a chemical burn wherever it touches. I tried Googling to show you a picture, but apparently I'm the onlyperson with such an allergy. Basically what this means around here is that Brian gets to clean the washing machine now, and anything else that would require bleaching. Cool! Other than that, being all natural and chemical-free has been great, and is only getting better!

The other time-consuming thing we have going on around here is the complete rebellion of my left knee. After a trip to the ER (diagnosis: torn collateral ligament and torn meniscus), a trip to GP Doc (diagnosis: yep, torn meniscus), a referral for an MRI and referral to an orthopedic surgeon, we have a concrete diagnosis for what on earth is wrong with my knee. Apparently when I hit my knee on the side of the tub a while back I knocked my patella (kneecap) out of its track and it's been grinding away the bone of my leg. Yeah, go ahead and throw up, I'll wait.... It's called Patellar Tracking Disorder, and it hurts like fire. The orthopedic guy said there is nothing to do except wear arch supports, which will in turn make the arthritis in my knee worse over time. Brian found numerous other treatments online, such as surgery and a brace. So for now, I'm in shoes most of the day and got a new brace yesterday. There were a million funny stories surrounding my trip to ER, but it's quite frankly not so funny anymore. Painful, frustrating, and a bit tragic sure, but not terribly funny.

We finally have our container garden in, and I'll be sure to put up pictures at some point. Sunday I picked up strawberries from The Bum, as well as hens and chicks. Not just any, but Grannie Chick Chicks!!! Courtesy of her sweet, blue-haired Grannie Chick. I stand by my statement that all grannies must have hens and chicks at their house, no matter what The Bum and Brian say! Hopefully, we'll have green bean, squash, zucchini, strawberries, basil, and catnip coming out of our ears soon.

As for our TTC journey, today is day 118 of the never-ending cycle. I saw Slush a week ago, and she's baffled. She gave me progesterone to start my period and my first round of Clomid for after that. So far, we've been trying to try for only two months. Not bad, but yet not fun.

Okay, I have to go accomplish something.

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Here a chick... there a chick... everywhere a chick, chick :)

My beans are coming up!!