Friday, May 1, 2009

Thank God.....It's Friday!

Is it just me, or was this a fast week?  It certainly was a busy one around here, but seemed to fly by.  Which is nice sometimes.  As we reach the end of the week, it's time for
Thank God....It's Friday!

Here's our prayer list for today, our praises for the past week, and updates.  Please feel free to leave your own prayer requests or praises in the comments -- it was really nice last week to have comments from a few folks and I hope that everyone included them in your prayers.  According to Google Analytics, there are more of you popping by here daily than are commenting, so theoretically I'm not talking to myself....

My daddy turns 65 this Sunday.  That's a huge praise for our family, as we're pretty darn partial to him!  With all the health issues that have been going on with both sides of my family, we're especially aware that having Daddy healthy is a great blessing, and that we could very easily be in the same situation as some of my cousins.  Thank God for Daddy, and for giving him many more years to be terrorized entertained by us!

Uncle Billy is home from the hospital.  This is pretty good news, but kind of double-sided.  He was diagnosed Friday with sepsis, and apparently contracted this blood infection from the blood transfusions he received.  There is speculation that he was sent home to avoid catching more horrid things in the hospital.  His pancreatitis is not healed, nor are his blood clots and gimpy knee.  But he's still kicking, which was not looking terribly likely there for a while.  I know he's thankful to be back home, even if it's temporary.

Stellan was discharged from the hospital and is home with his Mcksibblings.  From what I'm reading, it seems that his heart rate is being nicely maintained with drugs now.  

We're giving praise because our stupid car key was recovered!  It's truly the little things that count, right?  

Please continue to pray for Kayleigh's family, and for Kayleigh herself.  Her parents are hoping to take her home for how ever long they are able, so she needs to be healthy enough to go home. Of course, improvement in her brain activity would be great, too!**EDITED to add...Things are especially grim for the Freemans right now.  Kayliegh's brain is swelling and deteriorating, and this could be the beginning of the end.  Please pray that God will give this shell-shocked parents some peace. 

Uncle Carroll got the results from his MRI this week.  His chemo and radiation for pancreatic cancer was ineffective.  His tumor has not shrunk (possibly bigger, I don't remember if Mom said) and has metastized to his liver.  The doctor gave him no hope of any treatment, and has told him that he has 6-12 months left.  This comes as quite a shock, and I don't think anyone is sure how to react.  Uncle Carroll is willing to seek second opinions and experimental treatments, and we're all still praying!

The family I interviewed last week has decided to go with another day care closer to their house. Please pray that I can fill that spot soon, as we desperately need me to be back to a full income.

Have a great Friday!

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MadHat76 said...

First off...Happy birthday to yer Daddy from me! I miss hangin' at your parents' house and the craziness that ensued :)

Uncle Carroll will be in my prayers...have we tried herbal remedies? I remember reading something a couple of weeks ago about some holistic thingie for cancer; I shall see if I can dredge it up. I hate it when the docs give one "x" amount of time to live (you know where I'm going with that thought!)

My request for the week is that my hubby will keep his sanity long enough to make it through his final exams on Monday, and that he passes them both. He has been studying his buns off and I haven't really seen him for a while now.