Thursday, April 30, 2009

Still Tryin'

I haven't mentioned it in a bit, but we're still trying to have a kid.  Get pregnant.  Get all knocked up. Be in the family way.  Get some tax deductions. Kill the rabbit.  Make some ankle-biters.  You get the point. I've been off birth control for 1 year and 3 months when this publishes. Such a loooong year.  

We're still doing the Clomid thing, and going about it the old fashioned way.  Unless someone donates an IUI to the cause, we're going to be holding off on that for a bit.  Not cheap, those turkey basters. 

It's actually not been bad lately.  Some headaches, a bit of nausea, and the total lack of desire to move off the couch for about two weeks straight, but not bad.  Just.....waiting.  I do it so very well, I tell you.  Sarcasm fully intended.

But, fear not, we're still trying.  This is The Week That Matters coming up, so here's praying our timing is perfect and we can ring in 2010 with a new munckin.  

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