Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy 65th Birthday, Daddy

My Daddy turn 65 today.  That is so very cool for several reasons.  First and foremost, cheaper health insurance!  And then eventual retirement.  As someone from a generation that will never see retirement, that seems so....mythical to me! Most importantly, it's very cool because that means Daddy has lived 65 great years and has his eye set on many more.  We had a surprise party for him last night, but since I'm scheduling this post beforehand, I can't tell you how it went.  I'll try to put some pictures up later, provided I was able to take any good ones.  

For now, here are some adorable pictures Mama just sent me.  It's hilarious to see my grown up, serious father looking downright mischievous.  But when you know just how hilarious that dry sense of humor is, you can see it in all these pictures. I think anytime you see your dad as a six year old missing his teeth, it's hilarious.  These pictures are all the more special because we have so few pictures of Daddy as a kid.  When he was about 18, his family's house burnt down.  Not burnt.  Burnt down.  So most of their pictures were gone.  The ones that were in the homes of brothers and sisters already married and gone were the only ones left.  One of my aunts gave these to Mom.  Happy Day, Daddy!

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