Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Doctor Update

Hey, everybody! I know it's been awhile since I updated.  I've been trying to promote Baileys Basics like crazy, so I've been over at that blog, trying to get a post up every day or two.  So, if you miss me here please check over there!  In addition, I'm thinking about selling cards, bookplates, etc. online through Etsy, too.   It's something I've done for ages for myself and family, so I might as well start turning a profit, no?  We're big on alternate streams of income around here, and that's one more to add to the river.  I'll keep you posted on how that turns out.

Friday I went to RMSCVA to see Dr. Williams for my ovary check.  This month we used a higher dosage of Clomid (four pills to equal 200 mg daily, if you're a numbers kinda person) because I'm not ovualting "robustly" enough.  I'm not 100% sure how "robustly" I'm supposed to be ovualting. Basically, when they do my ovary check (via internal ultrasound) they can tell me that I ovulated.  The nurse then does a blood draw to check how well I ovulated.  Last month my progesterone levels were too low.  This could result in losing a pregnancy, if I conceived.  Not something I want to deal with, so we need to address the situation.  A higher level of Clomid might do the trick, so they upped it for this past cycle.  

While I was there, I asked Dr. Williams about the possibility that our schedule is just off for testing my progesterone.  The average cycle is 28 days long.  You take Clomid on cycle days (CD) 5-9 and should ovulate around CD 14.  Then you go for an ovary check sometime on CD 21-25.  I'm a consistent CD 20 ovualter, with a 35 day cycle.  Consequently, the appointments on CD 22 or 23 like I've been having just aren't going to cut it.  Since progesterone rises after you ovulate to a peak around a week later and then slack off to induce menses, testing so soon after ovualtion could lead to a deceptively low level.  Usually progesterone defiencies are indicative of a luteal phase defect, but since I'm having a solid 15 day luteal phase before my period, I doubt it.  I think we're just testing too early.  So, this month they tested my progesterone on CD 22, and it was low.  I have a lab order to test again on Thursday of this week (conveniently here in Harrisonburg instead of driving to Charlottesville!) to see if it peaks any higher.  Keep your fingers crossed and keep praying!

Once we get my progesterone levels figured out and I'm Ovulating Robustly, we're going to try Intrauterine Insemination, or IUI.  This should increase our chances of conception dramatically.  We hope. It's expensive, but it beats more months of trial and error.  We'll let you know when that happens!  

After my appointment, I met Little Bro and Sweet Lizzy for a trip to the cutest store in the world and dinner at the best dumpling shop ever.  We had pork dumplings and spicy noodles so good they'd make your tongue beat your brains out.  If you're in Charlottesville, go to the walking mall and hit the tiny little dumpling shop.  Go now, I'm serious.  Then go over to O Suzannah! and buy something awesome. As always, it was great to see the brother and sis in law, and they make a trip to Charlottesville more fun than imaginable.  

Well, egg rolls are ready to be heated and a salad is calling my name.  The Bum and Cousin Mike are moving to the Great White North (you know, Parkersburg, WV) today, so wish them luck and decent weather for the drive.  We'll visit them in April and have a new camera, so expect pictures!  Happy Tuesdsay, Happy March, and where the heck is Spring?!

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