Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Progesterone Level Update

Guess whose progesterone level was up to 16 by Thursday?  
Mine, that's who.  

That's good news, if you're following along. The doctor said he wanted to see a progesterone level of at least 10, preferably 15...  I'll go ya one better, Doc.  So, we're possibly all set for IUI this coming cycle.  Which should arrive any day now.....  Start praying --- or donate via PayPal, cause it ain't cheap.

Also, Brian just returned from his contrast MRI.  He's having some neurological issues possibly tied to the degenerative disk disease he has.  Lots of pain, numbness, migraines, etc.  So we're hoping to get this all straightened out as soon as possible.  Of course we're praying that the MRI is clear, but we're also needing some answers!

Meanwhile, I have a little migraine action of my own.  Ugh.  Happy Hump Day, people!


Justme said...

YAY for high Progesterone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Justme said...

Two things you need to check out.
1.) specifically today's post. I think you'll find it interesting

found this one in the comments of Suburan Turmoil's comments

Love you :)