Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Night

I think this is going to be a bullet-point blog. I am not terribly wordy or creative today....

I love the new season of ER.

I hate that it will be the last season, though.

I learned tonight that I shouldn't rest my head on the sewing machine because it will catch my hair.

I discovered that making eight drawstring bags at once makes my brain hurt. One at a time from now on.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I hope I ovulated.

I think I ovulated. But I thought that last month and was wrong.

Sweet Sister Sarah called me today. I miss her.

We'll see Little Bro and Sweet Lizzy tomorrow night, and I am excited.

The gearshift of my car came off in my hand tonight.

My car is officially a beater, as of 6:15 PM.

I was insulted this week. Many people came to my defense, but it still hurts.

Brian is working way too much, but it's necessary.

I am really excited about the Yaya Princess' new house.

I thought Thanksgiving was this coming Thursday. I nearly cried when I found out I was wrong.

Much like the YP, I am addicted to Facebook as well.

There is a new Hill in the world. I think that makes over 80 in our family at last count.

Tiny and Merle are actively watching television with Brian. Wolves fascinate them, apparently.

I am sooooo tired. Goodnight.

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