Saturday, November 15, 2008

Doctor Visit Update

Hello, all. I saw Dr. Williams yesterday, and he told me.....that I ovulated!!! I was stunned. I may have made a fool out of myself in the office when he told me, actually. I grinned like an idiot all the way home, and couldn't resist calling people to tell them. Which had to be a weird phone call. Yaya Princess was in a limo with clients, and there's a good chance Little Bro was in his carpool. Sorry, ya'll. But I ovulated! I'm surprised it wasn't on CNN....

What does this mean? Well, if our timing was good, I could be pregnant. Wow. We'll know in about seven to ten days. I'm about five days into the famed "Two Week Wait". Which I have to say sucks just as bad as I thought it would. If my period is late, I'll test. And test. And test some more. If it shows up, that's okay, too. At least we know that 150 mg of Clomid is the right place to start. I'm cool either way. But did I mention that I ovulated?!?!

I'm taking it easy today. We were out super-late with Mama, Bro, and Lizzy last night, and slept in. Brian went to work, and I went to the couch. I'm supposed to be accomplishing a lot. So far, I've accomplished a nap and a blueberry muffin. Such hard work... But hey, I may be growing a human. Leave me alone! I am having a few weird things going on (I'll spare you the details) that make me wonder, but I know how the Two Week Wait messes with your head; this isn't my first time at the rodeo, after all. So I'm not obsessing. Nope. Not a bit.... Okay, I'm totally obsessing. In fact, I'm now off to watch as many baby-delivery-huge family shows as possible. And maybe take a nap. Have a great Saturday!

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Justme said...

Haha-what is it you used to joke..."leave her alone she's busy making an arm" ;)-

Couldn't be happier :)