Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Yeah, it's been a while.  Life around here has been crazy-nuts busy.  If you know us, then you already know that the Christmas season around here is completely insane.  Since Brian works in retail, he pretty much ceases to sleep from the first of November through the second week in January.  It's horrible, really.  Since he doesn't get home until around 11 PM, I end up staying up to see him a bit before bed (read:  until midnight or 12:30).  Then I'm up at 6:45.....I'm exhausted. Of course, it could be worse; I could be Brian.  In the midst of all this no-sleep-all-work-all-the-time nuttiness, he managed to catch the cold that the Munchkin Coalition brought in last week.  And then promptly ended up with a respiratory infection and NO voice.  Not just scratchy: gone.  So, it's been a long couple of weeks.  

In case you've been following along, we're not pregnant. Which I'm actually cool with.  It's not my fault this time!! It's just chance now. We're doing everything right, the meds are working, I ovualted (did I mention that?), and we just have to pray that everything ends up right.  And that I can live with -- all I asked for was the same chance as anyone else. I do so love a level playing field.

The Baileys Basics shop has been busy, too.  Stop by and show some love if you get a chance.  The blog address for that is, so you can follow along with what's going on.  

We're getting ready for Christmas around here, of course.  We're trying to have a laid back, low-key Christmas with lots of handmade gifts and downsizing.  So, that adds to my To Do list, as you can imagine.  Which reminds me: I should be crocheting.  Gotta go!

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Justme said...

Amen to the downsizing of the Holidays--may even be good for us to remember what it's really all about.
And for the record, it was never 'your fault'. And yes I know you know, but I will continue to be that little voice in your head. Now, go get knocked up so you can give me some great hand-me-downs in like 3 years!