Saturday, September 6, 2008

Update from the doctor

Yesterday was my follow up appointment with Slush. Here's a little background in case you need it: PCOS sucks, I don't ovulate, I have literally no uterine lining. After a month of estrogen replacement therapy and progesterone to simulate a normal cycle, I started Clomid this cycle, about 24 days ago. At that point, I planned for blood work to check my natural progesterone level and made an appointment with Slush. It's all timed out to coincide with particular cycle days, and the blood work is to make sure that I ovulated, based on progesterone level.

So, I went to Slush's office to follow up and plan our next attack. I already knew that I hadn't ovulated, based on my daily temperature chart. Slush was nothing if not honest and blunt. She said that my progesterone level was an "abysmal" 1.4. It should be around 20. Based on my lack of uterine lining coupled with my abysmal progesterone level, we had a few options...
1. Increase the level of Clomid
2. Skip straight to Femera, the 2nd line of fertility drugs
3. Go to the reproductive gurus at Martha Washington

Slush said that she doesn't think that a higher dose of Clomid is going to do a thing. And that skipping to Femera leaves us nowhere to go. And, given my numbers, it most likely won't work. We can try Steps 1 and 2 and then refer me, but that's wasting time, energy, and emotional toil. Because she doesn't think it's going to work anyway. So, Slush said she pretty much had nothing more to offer me, except a referral across the mountain. Check out their website, if you'd like. If you've heard good things, please leave me a comment. I'll be seeing Dr. Williams, who it seems is knowledgeable in PCOS issues.

As always, losing weight is key in PCOS management. As though we all want to be fat, right? Whatever. Low carb diets have been reported to work well with PCOS, and I have followed a low carb diet in the past. We now focus on a natural, un-processed diet with little refined white sugar or other fake food. We like to use whole grains and honey or other natural sweeteners. Not eating grains, fruit, or vegetables is alien to our way of eating now. It's not like we've always eaten this way, but it's been keeping us healthy and boosted our immune systems. Now, I'll be eating meat. Lots of protein, little to no carbs. I'm not thrilled about it, but I'm willing to give it a shot. Please, have a piece of bread in honor of me.

Okay, laundry calls. My appointment is September 16, at 2 PM, if you're the praying type person. We'd appreciate it.


Justme said...

Eatin' a potato roll in your honor now babes :)

agoodwitchtoo said...

Mmmm... meat! I'll take a nice juicy steak over a hunk o' bread anyday :)

Let me know if you have cookies you need eaten. Always willing to take one for the team...