Monday, September 15, 2008

Seriously, it's the 15th already?!

So, where has September gone?! And what have I been doing with it? It's been busy, I can tell you that. No time has gone to waste, rest assured. We celebrated my birthday for about a week straight, which I personally think is a wonderful idea. We started to see Little Bro and Sweet Lizzy a little more often, as they have emerged from Newlywedville for a peek around. The Godson started running, and not just because his mama is chasing him with a bar of soap for that mouth. Allie and Matt got all hitched up, but that happened before September. But we're still recovering. I've had laid back weeks at work, thanks to parents that are taking late vacations.

This past week, I fall cleaned Baileys Castle. Which includes way too many bathrooms, just for the record. Brian was a huge help, and we even steamed all the carpets and put goodies up on the attic. The house looks amazing, I have to say. I do so love a clean house, complete with vacuum tracks and shiny fixtures in the bathrooms. This led up to a Pampered Chef kitchen show this weekend, and the Hill Reunion yesterday. So, needless to say, I'm exhausted, sore, and content in my clean abode.

So, why haven't I written about any of this, or posted any pictures? Because something much, much bigger has been looming in my mind. Namely, that tomorrow is our appointment with the Fertility Gurus. I am absolutely terrified. I'm not sure why; it's probably just a "get to know you" appointment, and nothing great and powerful will be revealed. But I'm scared nonetheless. Scared of what we might hear, scared that there will be some hideously concrete finding about our lack of fertility, scared that Brian is going to run screaming away when he hears that dreaded number of my weight, equally scared we will both run screaming away when we hear the cost of this little endeavor. I do not give up control easily, so this is obviously a big, horrid deal for me. Appointments dealing with our fertility so far have been horribly emotional. We've decided to counteract this by having dinner with Bro and Liz afterwards, since they live remarkably near our Gurus. I am sooooo looking forward to that, so I'm ignoring what happens at 2:00.

So, forgive me if I haven't been the blogger extrodinaire as of late (or ever?). I hereby promise to do better. I'll certainly keep you updated after tomorrow's appointment, too.

If it's not too much to ask, please pray for us tomorrow. We really covet them, and know you'll be there with us!

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