Friday, April 16, 2010

Thank God...It's Friday!

Uncle Roy was sent home from UVA a few days ago. Apparently his doctors think he'll heal faster and regain more abilities if he's in a familiar environment. Word on the family grapevine is that he's still quite out of it and confused, and is having some trouble with falling. While we're all so thankful that he's even alive and that he had relatively minor injuries compared to what could have happened, the family will definitely still need prayers as they try to work out care schedules and keep Uncle Roy and Aunt Margie safe.

So far, the news is good for friends and family who were fearing for their jobs in the Virginia public school system!

My friend Turkeymary bought a house this week!

I think I have it worked out to allow me to continue to sell baby and child-related products like slings, felt play food, etc. I've been talking with the vendor contact at the store here in town that carries my products, and we're pretty sure we've found a way to follow the law without breaking the bank. I'll update further on the business blog. Thanks for prayers and ideas during this time!

This is a rough day for a friend. She has a lot on her plate, as well. Please keep her in your prayers as led.

MadHat76's dog at yet another sock. This one earned him a trip to surgery. Please pray for him (and her!) as he heals.

My friend Arinne's wife is expecting their first baby any minute! Hopefully this wait will go quickly for them and they'll have him to love on soon.

Work is kind of crazy right now. It's the same every time I have a new baby, and will pass soon enough, but prayers for sanity would be appreciated.

Little Bro has laryngitis. Yuck and no fun!

The man who was in the wreck with Uncle Roy is still in critical care at UVA, and from what I've heard is still on a ventilator.

Have I mentioned we'd like to get pregnant this month? Just puttin' it out there....

**As a little housekeeping note, Mama let me know that some of the pictures from the alpaca farm weren't showing up. I fixed them, I hope. Check it out!

Have a great weekend!

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MadHat76 said...

The sock-eating monster is recovering quite well, and I think he actually LIKES his "lampshade" hat. He and I have been fighting all week, so it's just like old times :)