Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday, Tuesday

Today, please take some time to pray for MadHat76's grandfather. He will be facing surgery to place a stent in his kidney today, and is scheduled to begin chemotherapy and radiation later this week. Please remember to pray for their whole family, actually, and not just today.

Many apologies to the folks who read my last post with baited breath or tears. I didn't mean to string you along or keep you in suspense. But look at it this way: that's exactly what I had to deal with in "real time". Imagine if my appointment had been on a Friday, like it usually was during our last round of clinic visits. I never got blood work results until the following Monday (or Tuesday!) afternoons. Kind of sucks, doesn't it?

Sorry so short today. I'm hoping to spend nap time working on new slings for On The Turtle's Back (go! shop!), and am working on a few posts in my head.... We'll see when they shake themselves out. Have a good Tuesday!

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