Friday, March 26, 2010

Thank God...It's Friday!

This has been such a long week!! It's absolutely dragging by! Probably because I know that Brian has the weekend off and we have very, very little planned. Palm Sunday in "our new church" is the only given on the agenda. Oh, yeah, and some wrestling thing Brian will be parked in front of on Sunday...seriously, though, he's excited and that's cool. Anyone who is also planning on watching that and wants to do it in the comfort of our living room in front of the big screen instead of at BW3, call me! I'll try to arrange for some food if we get company. Incentive... I'm also going to try to convince him to see Alice in Wonderland this weekend. I need more of that 3D experience!!

You guys crack me up! Apparently there are doubts about my ability to keep my mouth shut for 12 weeks..... Of course, I'm the one having the doubts, but I digress. Seriously, though, you guys will know after our parents and siblings. Heck, some of our family reads this, and what a un-fun way to find out you're going to be an aunt or uncle? So after they know, you will. Not immediately, because I'm just way too....anxiety-ridden? I'm so afraid that when it does happen, it won't last. Irrational, but true. I won't make you wait 12 weeks. Though I'm sure I could keep that a secret if I wanted an aneurysm a challenge! That said, some of you know that I planned 80% of our wedding in the car on the way back from West Virginia the day after we got engaged... Can you imagine how fast I'm going to put that nursery together when the time comes?! Please. You'll be seeing pictures. Of course, I may be geriatric by that time, but whatever.

So, in response to comments from my last post:
Allison, I was reading the same blog you were. You sent me the link a few years ago, and I read through her entire archive. Then her little girl was born and I was so excited to "meet" her. And then, poof!, nothing. I can't imagine losing this outlet that way!

Samantha, your happy ending will definitely come! Maybe before ours! Have faith, girl! I know what you mean about Facebook pee stick photos. So...hard to see. My high school friends who are on Facebook and reading here have probably seen the newest announcement from one of our classmates. I am so happy for her. But also really jealous. I hate that feeling in myself, but there it is. Doesn't help that she literally just had a baby and then had her tubes tied. Obviously God wasn't through with her yet, but ouch for quite a few of us. Infertility seems to be rampant in our high school class, and I just wish more people knew to be gentle.

Anonymous, you need a log-in name. Or else I'll give you a bloggy name, and they are usually hokey. So getcha one. Rest assured, I'll totally be posting pee stick photos, ultrasounds, obsessive pregnancy posts on here. Are you kidding?! Otherwise I'll drive everyone I see every day completely insane. But not on Facebook. I really respected that you guys were discreet and thoughtful. Not secretive, just considerate. This blog is my own private forum, and if I wanna post "Hey, I'm Preggo!" posts every day, I'm probably going to! But on Facebook it just seems so....braggy? But no, there will be no belly photos anywhere. *shudder* I am way too modest for that, and seriously don't want to be responsible for blinding 10 or 15 people. Maybe I'll find some stock photos online and Photoshop my head on.....

So, nothing is positive and I'm not getting my hopes too up for this cycle. But there's always next month, and the month after that. And, if my Mama is any example the next five years after that. But I'm hopeful. And always prayerful. Speaking of which.....

Thank God...It's Friday

Big P had his surgery yesterday and it went off without a hitch. He should be headed home any time now, and then his mama gets to try to keep an active three-and-a-half year old "calm". Pray for them both!

Brian has the weekend off! Yay!

The Bum had a scary call at work this week. Seems Cuz and The Godson attempted to burn the house down making French fries. Only the kitchen was affected, and it probably looks much worse than it is, but I'm sure it was scary nonetheless. Thank God, no one was hurt, the landlord wasn't angry, and the insurance should cover it.

Anonymous up there is going to be a mommy very, very soon. Please keep Mommies and Baby in your prayers! Yay!

Teachers all over the state of Virginia are facing the cold reality that they could lose their jobs because there is no longer any room in the budget for public schools. In some towns, entire schools are closing. In my mother's side of our immediate family alone, we have four teachers. Only two have tenure. Many of my friends face unemployment as well, and I cannot imagine how they are feeling over this. Losing your job for no fault of your own is just plain Not Fair. Please pray that they will receive good news, that money will be reallocated, and that children in the public school system will not suffer because of the ignorance of our government. Please pray that anyone who does lose their job will go on to bigger and better (and better paying, for that matter!) endeavors.

An acquaintance is facing some seriously hard times. Naturally, this affects their spouse and many friends as well. Please pray as led.

Anything going on in your life that you want to give praise over or need lifted up?


Samantha said...

I love reading your blog! Just wanted to let you know :D... And I bet that baby belly of yours will be super cute!!! Here's to it coming sooner rather than later!

Andrea said...

Girl, please, you do not want to see it, you will. go. blind. ;)
I'm glad you like reading my blog. It makes me happy to know that folks out there are reading it other than people I know in "real life" who have to or else feel guilty.... Makes it all worthwhile!

MadHat76 said...

I missed the high school announcement somewhere....probably not "friends"...hahahaha

Andrea said...

I'll fill you in in person just to be safe ;) You'll be there next Saturday, right? We shall dish.

MadHat76 said...

Yep, I'll be there :) Dish away!