Thursday, March 25, 2010

Duh, Bloodwork

I totally forgot to tell you guys that my progesterone test came back just fine. It was a 15, whatever that means. It was 16 last month, so I figure it must be good. The nurse said "I guess you're just going to ovulate late in your cycle"..... Um, nope. I have a 32-35 day cycle so I ovulated right on time, thanks. Which is what I already knew from my 9 previous Clomid cycles. And which I've told them at every doctor's appointment since time immemorial. I've been late all my life. I will be late to my own funeral. If I hadn't been at the church by 7 AM the morning of my (3 PM) wedding, I would have been late to that, too. I was late being born, a little late walking, late starting this whole period thing, and late to get married. I'm late. It only makes sense to me that my ovulation (when it chooses to happen) should be late, too. *sigh*
Anyhoo, that's the deal with the bloodwork. Have a great Thursday!

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