Friday, February 5, 2010

Thank God...It's Friday!

Thank God....It's Friday!

I had a day off thanks to snow, and it happened to coincide with Brian's schedule day off. Yay!
So far, this cycle of Clomid is right on track.
We have a houseful of groceries, good heat, comfy blankets, and no real snow worries. Many are not as blessed.

MadHat76's grandfather was diagnosed with a rare type of bladder cancer this week. He is currently discussing treatment options with his oncologist. Please keep him and their entire family in your prayers.
It's pretty definite that Brian will have to try to get to work tomorrow afternoon in more than two feet of snow. He will probably have to stay overnight at the store. Please keep in him your prayers.
One of my friends needs the kind of strength, understanding, and patience that only God can give. Please pray as led.
The east coast is being pummeled by a huge storm and we're expected to receive 20-30 inches of snow. There are many people who are homeless or live in a less than cozy home. Many will lose power and have no heat, or can't afford the food that they would need to have stocked up. Please pray for them, and get out and help in any way you can.

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