Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm a Broody Hen

This past week, I started a new round of Clomid. It's the first time in nine months, and I had forgotten a few things. Or rather, was choosing not to focus on them. You know, things like the horrid headache that I get after a few days of Clomid. Or the cramps. Or the evil, snarky woman who speaks through my mouth for about two weeks. So far this cycle it's not too bad. I had one day of a headache, the cramps haven't killed me yet, and I'm remembering to watch my tongue most of the time.

But one thing I had forgotten about has slammed into me full-force. For some reason, I get really lethargic during my Clomid weeks. I mean seriously! Most days it feels like getting up, showering, and watching kids is all the work I can possibly deal with. Nothing is getting cleaned or organized, and dinner may or may not get cooked.

I am officially acting like a big ole broody hen. I'm just hanging out on my nest box couch, incubating my eggs. Good luck getting me to move my butt except to go to the bathroom and get food. The good new is, this complete and total mind-numbing lethargy usually goes away the day after I ovulate. Thank goodness, because otherwise our house won't even be suitable for this kid I'm trying to conceive!

So if you need a bathroom cleaned, a floor vacuumed, or any real work done, please find yourself another chicken. This one needs a nap.

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