Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank God....It's Friday!!

No, really -- Thank God, it's finally Friday. Do not get me wrong: I love my job. More than most people in the world, probably. But I am looking forwared to finally having a weekend that is unscheduled, where the most "planned" activity I have is our church's Thanksgiving dinner after worship on Sunday. Other than that, I'm planning on avoiding all planning. Just dinner with the family tonight (avoiding cooking, too, apparently), and straightening up my filthy house. It's really gone to pot lately around here, and I've had no motivation to clean a thing. So this weekend, I'm indulging my neat-freak side, provided I can resurrect it and dust it off! Now, let's all

Thank God....It's Friday


This week, we're thanking God for quiet in our neighborhood. The neighbors are moving and all the (known, confirmed, we're not just being judgmental) drug dealers are gone. Yay!

Mama saw the doctor this week and found out that her sore hip is not something that needs further surgery. More on that below....

Patsy Clairmont, who MadHat76, VA, and I saw at Women of Faith in August, has a son named Marty. He was literally saved from death by prayers and petitions this week. A lot of work from doctors, too, of course. But many thousands of people were praying, and the Lord heard. Yay!

Uncle Billy breezed through his second knee replacement with none of the problems that plagued his first one, and is doing great.

I'm continually thankful for an amazing husband, a great house full of snuggly kitties, a good job, a wonderful family, enough to eat, money for bills, and fabulous friends! Not just on Thanksgiving Day but every day of the year, give some thanks!


Please, please, please pray for Anissa Mayhew. I've been reading Anissa's blog a little, but was first aware of her from Heather Spohr's blog. Anissa suffered a massive stroke on Tuesday, and then another. You can visit this blog link here for an update. Please pray for this sweet family who have been through so very much and now are facing even more.

One of my daycare children's grandma fell down the steps on the 8th, and has a traumatic brain injury. Following surgery to remove a portion of her skull to allow for swelling in her brain, she has been minimally responsive and has not woken up until today. She has had partially collapsed lungs and irregular heartbeat. Today she is waking up and is "agitated". Please pray for Karen, her husband, and their families.

Mama's knee surgeon says she needs to have a manipulation. I'm totally going to offer to drop by and manipulate her, hopefully out of a thousand dollars or into cleaning my house, but I have a feeling he means something a little different. Apparently it's an outpatient procedure in which she receives a spinal block, an injection in her left knee, and then her knee is manipulated to 120 degrees. Ouch! But, it's a quick surgery and she'll be home the same day with minimal pain compared to her previous surgery. This should break up all the scar tissue that has bound her knee up and prevented it from bending up till now. Please pray for a great outcome and minimal pain.

I'm sure there's a lot more. If you have something you're thankful for or need lifted up, include it in the comments. There are a few people who actually read this blog, believe it or not, and they do intercede on behalf of anyone who needs it. And, of course, so will I. Meanwhile, have a tremendous weekend and a happy Thanksgiving!!

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