Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Short but sweet: Mama's surgery was a roaring success so far!! We said goodbye to her around 11 AM, and Dr. Pereles said that it would be approximately three and a half to four hours until he came to see us with a report. We hung out and talked, crackberried, and had lunch until 3:25, when Dr. Pereles let us know that Mama had done fine and was in recovery. After some mix-ups getting her correct room set up, we were able to join her there around 4:45. She was understandably groggy, shivering, and cold, but was alert and already installed in her Continuous Passive Movement Machine. She was able to eat a little bit of her dinner and keep it down, and we got her settled in and all her goodies unpacked and put away. She took a little percocet for the pain and we left her drifting back off around 7 PM. Little Bro will be with her tomorrow, Daddy will go by after work, and Brian and I will be joining her around 6:30 when I get off. I am amazed at her courage and strength so far, and can't wait until she is back up and around, enjoying her new legs!!
Thank you to everyone who joined us in prayer today, sent positive thoughts, called, or was with us in spirit. I know it means a lot to Mama, and it certainly does to me. Goodnight!

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