Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Legs

Tomorrow is an important day in our family. Tomorrow, Mama gets her "new legs". Not entirely, of course. Tomorrow around 11:30 AM or so, Mama will undergo double knee replacement. She suffers from severe osteoarthritis, and has needed this surgery for about five years now. Tomorrow is the day!

We're not sure how long she'll be in-patient, and how long she'll need care once she arrives home, so things will be a little nutty around here for awhile. Hopefully I'll have more time to blog while I'm hanging out at her house, but I don't promise anything. I needed a little break for the past two weeks or so just to get some things taken care of, so I should be back in the blog-saddle soon.

Meanwhile, please keep my mama in your prayers. She's in for a long haul, but we're all so excited for her to have new legs!!

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