Thursday, June 4, 2009

Awesome Opportunities

Recently I've been working on getting ready for some pretty cool things.  You may be familiar with my little online store, Baileys Basics.  For right now, it's off-line, actually.  I'm finding that I've been selling a lot more product in person than I was online.  My cousin owns a local flower shop, and has offered to let me consign my products there.  I'm really excited, and need to build up good inventory to send her soon.

In addition to my Baileys Basics shop, I also have opened a card shop called 3 Cats Cards.  I've been making things like this for ages, but finally have the time to turn out enough inventory to sell.  A local shop called On The Turtle's Back has approached me about putting cards in their shop.  How cool is that?!  So I've been working on new cards and other paper products that are baby- and child-centered. Be sure to check out On The Turtle's Back, too, for great locally-produced kids' products.

Now, if I could only get up the same enthusiasm for making my curtains for downstairs....

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