Friday, May 15, 2009

Thank God....It's Friday!

This seemed to be a quick week!  I haven't had too much to blog about, but now we can 
Thank God....It's Friday!


Thank God that I have an understanding, loving husband who is supportive and reassuring.  I'm so thankful that he went along to my appointment, talked to the doctor when I was overwhelmed, and is weighing all our options.  I'm thankful that he's taking the time we need to make a prayerful decision, too!

Thank God that my Cousin Anner is graduating Saturday! She's worked so hard, and has been through so much while in college.  If you're not familiar with gastroparesis, she can probably tell you a thing or two.  Imagine dealing with the Virginia Tech massacre .  While in college, no less.  She's made it through in four years with flying colors, and is hoping to hear back about a rockin' job soon.  

I'm thankful for all the lovely folks who read my blog on a regular basis (or non-regular, for that matter), and for all the lovely folks who email or comment or otherwise let me know that I'm not talking to myself.


Uncle Carroll is heading to Johns Hopkins next week.  Please keep him in your prayers, as well as his doctors.  He's in a rough place right now, and needs all the prayer he can get.

Please keep the Freeman family in your prayers as they bury Kayleigh's body this weekend.  

Remember Annette and her family, too, as she is pretty ill right now.

Short and sweet this week, huh?  What are you praising the Lord for today?

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MadHat76 said...

I'm happy it's Friday and I don't have to work today :) Also happy that I have a mini vacation next week (2 hoorays!).
Please keep Ted in prayers; his foot is not getting better and I am fighting with the doctor's office as I type this in trying to get copies off his medical records (I despise HIPAA) so we can get a second opinion in Baltimore - whether it be at Hopkins, University, Mercy, etc. I finagled a copy of his most recent culture (it is NOT MRSA, contrary to what the dr. told us) and am absolutely appalled at the antibiotic protocol at this moment.
Maybe a prayer should be thrown in for my sanity as well....