Friday, May 8, 2009

Thank God...It's Friday!

I, for one, am truly thanking God because it is Friday, and not just in the manner implied in this post.  It's been a quick week, but I'm ready for this weekend!  So, without further adieu (what does that mean, anyway?), I give you

Thank God.....It's Friday

I'm thanking God for my amazing husband this week. Just because I can.  And because I love him.  

In addition, I'm thankful for....
  • A great turnout for Daddy's birthday party!
  • Moms.  Specifically mine, but you can be thankful for yours, too.  
  • The fact that bubbles and sidewalk chalk can keep two two-year-olds entertained for an hour.
Thank God for baby Jax, my cousin's third child and first son, born this past week.  Jax is Hill Number 62, if you're counting.  That's 62 people that are in this world because of my grandparents.  Talk about being fruitful and multiplying.  Three of those have passed on, but if we got everyone together, we'd have 92 people counting in-laws and step children.  Which we do. We come pretty close a few times a year.  Thank God for big families and the fact that I can still remember most everyone's name!

Thank God that Uncle Billy and Aunt Margie seem to be doing pretty well.  

Please continue to pray for Kayleigh's family as they deal with the ramifications of Kayleigh's condition.

Please keep the Spohr family in your prayers.  They lost their sweet daughter Maddie a month ago, and I cannot imagine how they're coping.  

Please pray for my Uncle Carroll, as he continues chemotherapy in hopes of kicking cancer to the curb.

Last I heard, Sweet Lizzy had interviewed for a job and was scheduled for her second interview. I'm sure she'd appreciate your prayers! For the record, I realize that this is not much of an alias for my sister-in-law....but it's not her full name, and she is sweet, so there!

My mom's knees.  She wouldn't ask for your prayers, but I will!

Still prayin' for a baby, in case you were keeping score.

We have a big weekend coming up, with steak dinners at Daddy's family's church (ancestral home?) and Mother's Day fun with Mama. Ya'll have a great Friday!!

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