Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Forget Tarzan...Jane Went Boom

I got a call a little while ago from one of my piano moms.  Her family was up in the mountains at their cabin this weekend.  It's near where my family's cabin is, if you know your way around Criders, Virginia.  This particular piano mom has three very cool kids. The eldest, who shall remain nameless since I didn't ask her mom's permission to name her, was the last student to play at my recital, if you were there.  She rocks, so we'll call her My Prodigy.  
Prodigy and her younger siblings were out playing in the woods while her family made breakfast.  Apparently they found a large vine, and being completely adventurous, non-TV-having, play-outside-all-the-time children they decided to swing on it.  The vine held up for everyone to have a turn.  On Prodigy's second turn, the vine snapped and she fell 8-10 feet to the ground.  And then slid down the mountain a way, I think.  She screamed, of course, and her mom came running.  She was rushed to the ER, and it turns out the poor thing has a fractured wrist and is very bumped, bruised, and lacerated.  She fell on her lower back, apparently, and there is some speculation as to the condition of her coccyx and her neck. She's in a lot of pain and will be seeing her family doctor later today.

As bad as this all is, Prodigy is upset because....she can't play the piano.  I love this kid.  This whole family has long reinforced my faith in humanity, and actually reminded me that I do want children, no matter how screwed up most of the kids in the world today are.  They're just that awesome.  Please keep my Prodigy in your prayers, that she may heal quickly and not be in so much pain!

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