Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October 7, 2008: Our Second Anniversary

Um, where have two years gone?! Somehow, Brian and I have been married two full years now, and it feels like our wedding was last week. Does anyone have an explaination about this? We talked about it last night, and he feels the same, thankfully. It's hard to believe that in two years, we've both changed jobs, we bought a house, started trying to start a family, and watched two of our siblings get married (which makes us very, very old). And that's just the huge things; it's been a busy two years!
Tonight we both get off work early, so we'll be enjoying dinner out somewhere (any suggestions?). Saturday we have weather-permitting plans to go to Skyline Drive for our newly-annual picnic-for-our-anniversary. Last year was a wonderful time, and I hope we can repeat it. So, for my readers: how long have you been married, and what's the best part?

Meanwhile, I visited Dr. Williams again for bloodwork results. Yep, it's PCOS. Good deal. Better the devil I know then the devil(S!) I don't. He gave me this month's Clomid (doubled the dose; I see a trend!) and asked me to exercise four times a week, minimum. So my fat butt walked 3/4 mile last night (fast!). It was very nice to get back out and get moving, I have to say. I had the shocking realization that even though I used to go for a 30 minute walk nearly daily, that was...Four. Years. Ago. Holy cats; forget two years - where have the last four gone?!?!

Other than all that, we had a trip to West Virginia and a few thousand family gatherings in the past few weeks. I didn't take a single picture, so you'll have to take my word on it that it was fun! In addition, I have lots of great new things going on in the ol' shops, so check em out. Here are linkies:

Okay, off to accomplish something! Have a great day!

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