Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lazy Night In

I'm officially having a lazy night staying home and doing very little. I finished teaching (for the night! for the week!) and made dinner. It was a very nice chicken enchilada casserole that is the very epitome of comfort food, if you need something of that sort. Now I'm hanging out on the couch, reading my new favorite blog and hoping for some kitty-lovin' to keep my feet comfortable. Brian should be home in an hour or so, and I may even still be awake.

Mama dropped my prescription for Provera off at the pharmacy tonight, because she's really cool. When I went to pick it up, I got the third degree. The tech at the register couldn't find my prescription, but "remembered that one". The pharmacist came over, looking very serious.

"Do you remember what dosage he prescribed for you?" I figured he had spilled water on my scrip or whatnot.

"Yes, sir. 20 milligrams." Actually, I originally said two hundred and had to backtrack; my verbal skills are often lacking.

"Do you know why your doctor would prescribe such a heavy dosage for you?" At this point, I got annoyed. I DO indeed know why, and I DON'T indeed think it's the business of all the techs, the people in line, or the pharmacist himself. Progesterone has about three uses: 1) As hormone replacement therapy in menopausal women; 2) To keep you pregnant in high-risk pregnancies where you might miscarry; and 3) To start your period if you fail to have one on your own. Maybe there are other uses; either way, nunya. So, I got a bit smart-alecky.

"Yes, sir, I do." No more, no less.

"Because there is absolutely nothing in the literature that advises prescribing more than 10 milligrams of this to anyone." He looked at me like I was trying to pass off a fake prescription. For progesterone, for crying out loud. It makes you edgy and crampy, and hopefully will start your period. I bet there's a huge black market demand for that.

"Okay," I said. I gave him my best no-nonsense face, encouraging him to fill my prescription already.

"I don't even have enough on hand to fill this completely. You'll have to come back in a few days for the rest."

I let him know that would be no problem, and that he'd be seeing a lot more of me, rest assured. Seriously, though, how rude was that?

I got over it, though. Some Dark M&Ms helped greatly.

Later, The Bum and I talked about our upcoming business ventures, and I realized that I seriously need to get crackin' on some salves for Baileys Basics. I've been a bit lax. I'm realizing just how distracted I've been lately with our fertility issues. After my last appointment with Slush, we've been talking a lot about adoption. Definitely an option, regardless. Now, since our appointment with Guru Williams, I feel like he's in control (after God, of course!) and I can just take my medication like a good girl, do the necessary deeds, and leave it to Doc and God. I feel like we've been given some hope again. I also feel like maybe I can move on with my life emotionally and do the things I enjoy (making salves! Grinding herbs! Researching packaging!) until I find myself all preggo.

Well, my partner in crime is home, feeling nasty, and needing comfort. Luckily, I have some comfort food available upstairs! Have a lovely night, my faithful blog readers. your numbers are growing, and I thank you! Leave comments and let us know who you are!


Justme said...

Rock on to the lazy night in. I say let the docs to their thing, you do yours. YOu deserve a break anyway. When Matt adn I are finished our 52 weeks I'll so have to send you this devotional book-rockstar

alterego said...

I cannot wait for the 52 weeks! I'm hoping we can do devotionals together at some point. That would totally rock my world. I think praying with one's spouse is just a wonderful thing all the way around. And having your husband pray over you has to be the coolest, most powerful thing EVER. *sigh*