Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brian and I talk a lot about not raising tiny consumers once we actually get the chance. We firmly believe that you have to plan how to parent before you have children, or else you've lost ground immediately. So, even though it may seem strange that we look ahead so far, that should explain it. Today I watched this clip on a different website, and decided that it needs to go here for you all to see. I know it's five minutes long -- please watch it and take it to heart. We have to ask ourselves if this is what we want for our children, our society, and for our future. To me, this is indicative of just how horrible our culture has become, and what's wrong with the world in general. Please do not raise children this way, and please stop me if you see me doing it. This is a disservice to us all, and we must stop and think about the consequences of our actions and the new "norm" in which we're raising children.

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