Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Forest Fire

On our way to the alpaca farm Sunday, we noticed some smoke on the mountain ridge north of Route 259 by the West Virginia state line. Last week there were several red flag fire warnings, so we knew the possibility of forest fires was high. Seeing the mountain burn is sadly pretty common around here, but always heartbreaking. We saw some fire crews already set up by the roadside, taking ATVs back over the ridge to fight the fire. At that point, they were probably digging ditches to stem the fire's progression. There was a tent set up providing refreshment for the firefighters, and a rescue squad handy just in case.
By the time we headed back home from the farm, the fire had spread and grown much larger. As best we could tell, the fire was back behind the ridge, so we could only see the smoke.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad there appears to be a lot of distance between the fire and residential areas. I hope everyone's homes are safe tonight and that the fires are out. How scary!

Andrea said...

I know, right?! I haven't heard if the fire is out yet. Sometimes these things burn for weeks.