Thursday, January 28, 2010

Update from Monday

I've been meaning to write this for about two days. Unfortunately, I'm slow. So, here's the update from Monday's medical prayer requests:

MadHat76's grandfather came through his surgery safely. The doctors removed a mass and are testing it for malignancy. They also took x-rays to see if it had metastasized. Her grandmother's procedure went well. Please keep them all in your prayers.

Aunt Margie stayed overnight at UVA and is back home. No one seem to know what was up, but there's a possibility of a UTI and some further blood sugar issues. Either way, she's doing fantastic and is back home. Yay!

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MadHat76 said...

Thanks for the prayers. Xrays show no metastasis (yay!)...also bone scan and cat scan were clear...just waiting on the pathology results from the "growth" that was removed. Grandpa is back home, griping about having a urinary catheter (ouch). I'm just glad he didn't have a heart attack under anesthesia like he did the last time.
Thanks again for the are one of my closest/oldest friends, and friends like you are extremely rare gems. :)