Friday, January 15, 2010

Thank God....It's Friday!!

Thank God....It's Friday

Here's what we're praying for around BaileysLand this week. Join in, or leave your prayer request in the comments. Be sure to pray for anyone who comments, too, please!

Getting started back with our fertility clinic was way easier than I feared it would be.

One of Brian's coworkers' son was kidnapped by his father this week. He was quickly recovered and is fine.


Pray hard, diligently and with all your being for the people of Haiti. Please pray for the citizens, missionaries and tourists, rescue workers, and anyone else on the island, as well as anyone living elsewhere with family that they haven't heard from. Some friends of ours did some mission work in Haiti when they were first married, and still have friends there. I know they are worried as well. I cannot imagine how horrible it would be to be in Haiti right now not knowing if you were going to be safe, or if an aftershock will knock your house down. Also, some really horribly comments were made this week by someone purporting to speak for the Christian faith in regards to Haiti. Please disregard them, and know that no true Christian would blame the people of Haiti for this tragedy. He does not speak for me, or for my faith. I don't know about anyone else, but my God doesn't punish people with earthquakes but instead brings them through every little aftershock in the palm of his hand. I pray that you will be led to pray, and maybe to donate money, items, or time to help those children of God less fortunate and struck by this horrific earthquake.

Please pray as led for a close friend of mine. I will not air it on my blog, but I know that God knows what she needs.

Little Bro and Sweet Lizzy have had a horrible week at work. There is no heat in their school, and a water main broke in Bro's classroom. Everything in there was ruined. He has been shuffled from hallway to cafeteria to extra room to teach his class of kids with learning disabilities, special needs, and at-risk behaviors. Sweet Lizzy has taught in a room that was 40 degrees at its warmest point. Their job is hard enough at a difficult school with difficult kids without having to deal with this.

Mama's Aunt Leona fell last weekend while celebrating Christmas with her family. She may have a torn rotator cuff, but is back at her retirement home and doing well. Please keep her stubborn tail in your prayers. (Hey, Mama, by the way -- Aunt Pony fell. I found out Tuesday and forgot to tell you. Sorry to tell you this way, but we both know I'll forget to tell you tomorrow, too.)

As always, we'd like a baby and a new job for Brian.

Have a great weekend!

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