Monday, August 10, 2009

The Randomness That Is My Life

One of the definite perks of my job is that the most random, hilarious things happen every day. Sometimes, I'll post about them so you can laugh your pants off, too. These are things you can only experience when surrounded by 1-5 year olds, so I'll be happy to let you live vicariously.

I try not to let the kids watch too much TV. And I'm very selective about what they do watch. One of the shows that I found out (inadvertently) that they love is Yo Gabba Gabba. This is totally not something I would ordinarily choose to have them see, but they LURVE it. If you have Noggin, it's currently on at 4:30. Check it out and laugh your butt off.

My favorite episode of this hilarity features Jack Black gueststarring. If you haven't seen him do children's stuff, you are missing out. I think that's where his true talent lies, and I can't imagine what a fun dad he must be. We've seen him on Sesame Street, too, which was just as fun. But his Yo Gabba Gabba episode just makes me snort. The only clip I could find of it online is gone now, but you can google it for great stuff. You still don't see the funniest part, though. It's a little something called Dancey Dance Time, and the kids can't figure out why I laugh for about five minutes every time I see it. When you click that link, you'll want to watch the .... HOLY CATS, here it it. Dancey Dance Time. You're going to snort. Clickit that link and play the video. You will not regret it. I just found it as I was looking for the original link, so if it goes down please let me know so I can edit this.

Just about as hilarious is Elijah Wood's Dancey Dance Time on Yo Gabba Gabba. This is how I entertain myself these days, folks.

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