Sunday, July 19, 2009

Saturday Update

Mama called me this morning to let me know that Uncle Carroll was doing very badly and the doctor had suggested calling the family, saying that he only had a few hours left. He had started receiving morphine periodically and was bleeding internally.

Mama, Daddy, and I were at AMC by 11:00, and we stayed all day. I got home around 11:30 PM, and plan on returning in the morning. Uncle Carroll was extubated yesterday and so was able to talk with folks today, say goodbye, and give everyone lots of instructions (something he loves to do, which made us all laugh). By early this evening, he had been increased to a morphine drip and is mostly asleep. He is currently sleeping, but struggling to breathe. We will return to AMC tomorrow to keep watch and be with my aunt and cousin.

Please continue to pray for our family. We have so appreciated everything so far, the calls and emails, comments, Tweets, and prayers. While this is horribly hard for Mama and our family, it is exponentially harder for Aunt Ellen and Sara. I can't imagine what they are going through, and only pray for peace for them.

Thank you again, and I'll try to post tomorrow evening. If I have a chance, I'll Tweet tomorrow to let folks know what's going on. If you don't Twitter, well, you should! Follow me, and I'll follow you. Maybe I'll get all crazy and put up a "follow me on Twitter" link at some point. Love to you all.

UPDATE: Hey, look, it's My Twitter Feed! Right over there ------------------>

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