Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Follow Me!

Hey, ya'll.  Follow me.  Click that button over there on the right and follow my every waking thought or bullet-post.  

Also, start a-prayin'.  This is the big ole ovulation week, and this has to be our month.  We need a frugal kid to go ahead and get his life kicked into gear this month, thereby saving us a bundle of cash.  So have yourself a conversation with the Big Guy or whomever you feel is listening to you in particular.  My knees are about worn flat, so other folks doing the same will be much appreciated.  I'm hoping this is it!!  We have a strange peace about this month, and are totally prepared for the month.  I think this is the first month that we haven't had second thoughts, fears, or some reason why this isn't the Perfect Month.  Which is weird, when you think about how hard we've been trying.  But this month just feels right.  I'm sure lots of people feel that way on lots of failed cycles, but I'm just going to ride that wave while I have it.  Since Brian said the very same think unprovoked and unsolicited, I think that says something.  Here's hoping and praying!!

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