Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My New Blog

Today, I got pissed at Livejournal. I went to my friend Sealgair's website, only to be asked to verify my age.... Okay, I can accept that. I'm slightly over 14, so I clicked the appropriate button. As I was redirected to Sealgair's blog, I found that each entry was hidden behind a cut that said there might be age-inappropriate content on that post. The first post? A happy birthday wish to her brother. What?! How is that inappropriate for anyone? I can accept that somethings on the internet aren't suitable for children. Ideally, parents should monitor their children, but I'm fully aware that most do not. That would involve caring. Not gonna happen. Then I read that Livejournal is now managed by some other company, based out of Russia. I don't want to know the particulars. All I need to know is that I don't want my blog to be censored by other readers. By myself, sure. By Livejournal due to policy, sure. By Susie Shmo who doesn't agree with me? Bite me. I wasn't terribly thrilled with the site in general, but new management and censorship did it for me. Later, gator. I'm off to the bloggersphere of my choice. I've copied all of my previous posts to this blog, so if you need to catch up, go to the end and read your way up. I'll wait right here for you.....

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