Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Got me a hobby!

Originally posted to Livejournal on March 11, 2007.

I learned to crochet today!! Or, as Candy called it, Crotch it. She taught me a chain stitch and then to go back the other way, whatever that is called. It's simple and I haven't learned a darn thing else, but I am having a ball. Of course, you may be the crazy cat lady if your first project is a blanket to keep the cats from depositing hair over the couch. And if you consequently choose yarn that matches your kitties..... Hm. And if you then have to find a storage method that doesn't allow kitties to eat said yarn. Wasn't getting married supposed to keep me from becoming the crazy cat lady? Didn't work.
Met a new cousin today. He is absolutely perfectly gorgeous and has only fueled the baby flames. I think I'm gonna have to get me one of those....It helped that he is well-behaved (3 weeks old -- what was he gonna do??) and is already a trained snuggler. He lovey-ed up on me (it's the boobs. Baby's love ta-tas) and slept for like two hours. Gotta love you 9 pounds of snuggliness. My cousin and his wife are already great parents -- you can tell because they are terminally annoyed by their niece and nephew, who are awful. We're all annoyed by them, but their parents don't seem to see the need to discipline. Love it. Meanwhile, Porter is absolutely adorable, and needs a warning sticker: CAUTION. Adorable, well-behaved, perfect baby ahead. Desire for one of your own may ensue. Proceed with caution.

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