Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finally posting!!

Originally posted to Livejournal on September 19, 2007.

Well, holy Hannah, it’s been a long time since I posted! I think most anyone who reads this or eventually will also reads the random utterances I post on MySpace, too, so no big deal. Brief recap of the summer:

May: packed and planned. Hubby switched jobs. End of IEPs for Andrea.

June: packed and planned. Renters refused to move. Lost loan. Switched moving days to appease arrogant renters. Got new loan. Moved. Started unpacking. Opened a daycare. Realized I have a lot more house to clean, and still haven’t unpacked.

July: Rethinking this whole daycare thing….this is harder than it looks! But I love it.

August: switched kiddos around, now have 3 babies and no toddlers. Eek! Still unpacking, and wondering why we have so much crap.

September: turned frigging 30. Holy crow. Official start of college football season; Go Mountaineers!!! Traveling every other weekend for home games with hubby in various shades of navy and ‘old gold’, whatever that is. Visiting with in-laws and being totally freaked out by the fact that my brother is planning to ask his girlfriend to marry him. Sadly, still unpacking, too….

That brings us up to date. You’ll notice there’s still no mention of a baby in the works. A bun in the oven. One on the way. Nope. We don’t have clearance from Slush yet. I was in for a visit back in like May or so (I posted) and she gave me until December to get my fat butt back in gear before she sends me to the dreaded endo. I pointed out to her that it’s impossible to stay on a strict diet while driving 9 hours a day for work and living in a 1 story small house. But, moving to a 3 story house and staying home where I can eat at regular times is bound to be good for me. She said she’d give me a chance. Then, just to show that if you give me enough rope I’ll hang myself, I gained 10 pounds in the moving experience. No kidding. I’m seriously 10 pounds heavier than when she was giving up on me. Huh?

So, I turned 30. Funny thing being that when I typed “30”, I mistyped and ended up with 320. Feels like it some days! But, I decided that one’s 30th birthday, coinciding nicely with a Monday (two days later, but whatever) and a new season is an auspicious time to start a new lifestyle. No, I’m not leaving hubby for a girl. Slightly less new lifestyle! We sat down and figured out when we want to start TTC. And, no kidding, we planned this around football season. See, I refuse to climb the God-forsaken hill to Mountaineer Field while gravid with baby. Or babies, as genetics might have it (twins or naught…screwed up family). So we cannot conceive between January (or December for practical purposes) and March. This avoids the dreaded occurrence of a child’s nativity being on a game day, or even future birthday parties forcing Daddy to decide between the Louisville game and little Bruce or Rachel’s fifth birthday. And, as my own daddy would point out, that lets Pappy enjoy his hunting season without fear of said festivities as well. So, we’re gonna try to get preggo around April 2008. Since I was figuring this out during lessons on September 6th (I multitask well. Shut up.), I used that Tuesday as a starting date. 30 weeks from then puts us firmly in the first week of April. 2 pounds per week (an achievable goal, as they put it) that’s 60 pounds. Enough to make Slush sit up and take notice. Enough to kick start my body into submission. Enough to allow me to haul my pregnant can up 4 flights of stairs to the showers without a heart attack!! Though if one more person tells me that he/she knew someone who lost 30 pounds and BAM got preggo, I’ll kill them. Fat people can have babies, too. My daddy’s family has been doing it for years. So have TONS of trailer park residents. So have many tribal ladies the world over who do not look like our supermodels.

I actually hope that my daddy’s family’s fat, happy, breed-like-rabbits genetics can contradict my mom’s PCOS, no-baby-having genes. It is actually a huge hope for me. I came across this hope at our recent family reunion of breeders. Tons of ‘em, spread all over the park. I hope the fertility genes in that family are just as strong as the thick, flat nose, wide, flat butt, and dark, sexy eyes (hey, it’s not all bad!) that we all have. Or the fact that my dad’s family looks just like the entire population of Cherokee, NC. We’s gots them strong genes, ya’ll.

So, 60 pounds in 30 weeks. I’ve been at it for 13 days now, and I’ve dropped 8 pounds as of this morning. Go me. 1500 calorie ADA diet. And lugging a 28 pound baby up four frigging flights of stairs for cardio!

To think I originally planned on putting up a post about cloth diapers. Mostly for my own reference later, should all go well. I’ll get to it tomorrow. We discovered today that we will be saving literal TONS of money. Nice change!!!

I’m going to go snuggle my husband and play Viva Pinata. Stupid game.

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